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Please just shoot me now. Could it even get any worse? - Mis-takes? More like Opportunity-stakes [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 27th, 2005|03:28 pm]
[Mood |crushedcrushed]

Please just shoot me now. Could it even get any worse?

[User Picture]From: zeroauth0rity
2005-10-28 05:44 pm (UTC)
yeah uh-huh...you dont have anyone to fall back on now but your freinds that do coke im nto dissing on them just think about it STEVEN! shit you dont think about things...you knwo you just threw away our realtioonship for somethign you cant fucking have or maybe you will get it but then she will break your heart again dont you get it? she can call em a bitch all she wants but the fact is SHES A WHORE THAT HURTS YOU 24/7 and you are throwing everythign away for her...shes not worth it...you know i read an IM she left you...fuck her thast all i ahve to say..yeah you can go take your rage out on me again for saying all this shit..you knwo it was my fucking phone your so stupid seriously i sit there and let you duse my phone and you dont even thank me YOU HIT ME! and yell at me...i wanted to hurt you so bad that night you have no idea...i hope you cry i hope you actually get mature and stop acting childish...you ruined everythign for youself..this si how i see things you do fucking coke...yeah dont say you dont i knew about it form the start...you trying to hide thigns you NEED TO GO GET HELP....you need help steven...you need to go to a drug rehab place you know what...i might actually send you to one..yeah see how good of a sister i am..you never knew it..but i let you push me around for to long steven..seriusly...you think you can jsut stomp all over me..NO I WONT LET IT FUCKING HAPPEN..i hoep you see this then think about all the things ive done for you how i sat there and hugged you while you were going through shit with heidi the hoe...i sucked up my hate for her just for her to be able to come over to our house i hope shes afraid of me...i really do cause i really could fuck her up right about now...you hurt me steven...you killed my heart and my hope...now i cant even trust you...you are a liar and all you want in life is drugs and sex...you are goign to turn into one of those guys who lives on the street yeah soon your gonna fuck things up with all yer freinds then have no one...and then your gonna come crying to me..and you know what...i might not be there for you...yeah..oh wait...and you smoke cigaretts....you are a hypocrite yeah you fucking stupid ass....im done bye.
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